4D Process

Our 4D process methodology
Evolve Design Solutions’ product development process is based on a simple and successful design methodology.

Our 4D process expertly combines 4 product development stages to create innovative new products and product categories as well as propel your ideas into successful, market defining products with less time, less risk, less cost and more innovation.

We discover, define, design and deliver…

  • 1. Discover

    Goal: Research new opportunities
    We create opportunities by acting as the nucleus of the development process and by uncovering the needs, wants and desires of both our client and the new product users.

    What we do:
    – Collect project information such as data and components
    – Review competitive analysis
    – Review existing patents
    – Attend users focus group or review its data
    – Identify or review new technology, market trends and
    customer needs
    – Review project objectives, mechanical requirements, target
    costs and timeline
    – Establish or review project critical design goals

  • 2. Define

    Goal: Explore and define new ideas

    What we do:
    – Explore concepts, aesthetics and usability issues
    – Product engineering layouts
    – Feasibility studies and report
    – Establish product specifications
    – Research technologies, components and suppliers
    – Define preliminary cost for components and tooling
    – Explore product graphics, branding and user interface

  • 3. Design

    Goal: Prove out and validate concepts and ideas

    What we do:
    – Finalize product aesthetics
    – Identify and qualify suppliers
    – Create preliminary 3D CAD parts and assemblies
    – Create preliminary 2D production documentations
    – Establish performance, quality and tests plan specifications
    – Establish product standards and certifications to meet
    – Validate form, fit, function and design intent
    – Validate and test functional models
    – Refine product graphics and branding

  • 4. Deliver

    Goal: Ensure successful product launch

    What we do:
    – Finalize product aesthetics, colors, graphics and finishes
    – Conduct design, quality and safety reviews
    – Create final 3D CAD parts and assemblies
    – Create final 2D production documentations
    – Implement FEA and mold filling analysis
    – Support production launch
    – Evaluate manufacturing requests
    – Assist in product testing
    – Implement engineering change orders (ECOs)
    – Finalize Bill of Materials (BOM)
    – Benchmark and refine production process